Why You Should Catch a Durham Bulls Game

Minor league baseball programs support the community and local economy. Games are fun for the whole family and are a great source of entertainment beyond just the game of baseball. Minor league baseball brings fans from all around who support local businesses by eating, drinking, and shopping for anything from clothes to sporting equipment, furniture, and the many cars for sale in Durham. Here are a few of the many reasons why you need to catch a Durham Bulls Game.


  1. Top Notch Talent. All minor leagues are not created equal. The Durham Bulls are triple A, meaning they are one step below the majors, affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays. Many players expect to be in the majors by the end of their season. You could see the next Joe Morgan on any given night at a Bulls game.
  2. Beer at the Bullpen. For many baseball fans, beer is an integral part of the experience. The Bull Durham Beer Company takes baseball and beer to a whole new level. Enjoy a quality craft beer brewed right on site in the stadium, a step up from the Bud Light and Michelob Light you’ll find at your typical ballpark.
  3. Good food. Bull City Hospitality offers a menu that includes and goes beyond your typical ballpark fare. You can order food and beverages to be delivered right to your suite. Concession stands are located conveniently throughout the park for easy access to sustenance and treats.
  4. Family Fun. The Durham Bulls’ beloved mascot, Wool E. Bull, roams the stands, meeting fans of all ages, and posing for pictures. He drives his go-kart around the field and shoots t-shirts and softee baseballs into the crowd. His best-known talent is his dancing, helping the crowd get their groove on between innings.
  5. Affordable Entertainment. Tickets for a game average $9.00-$14.00, depending on the location of the seats. In the major leagues, like their affiliate, the Tampa Bay Rays for example, tickets average around $44.00. In Durham, you’ll see quality baseball and nearly equivalent talent for much less. It’s hard to find entertainment for the whole family at such an affordable price.

The Durham Bulls are Part of Durham’s Rich History

Founded in 1902 as the Durham Tobacconists, they became the Bulls in 1912. The team played each year since its beginning with the exception of a few seasons during World War I and again during the Great Depression. The movie Bull Durham was released in 1988 and brought a lot of attention to the program, boosting ticket sales to a record of 300,000 in just one season in 1990.

The success of the Durham Bulls baseball program aided in a significant boost in the local economy, which in turn led to renovations and restoration of some of the historical parts of town, both residential and commercial. Businesses thrive downtown and in the surrounding area as locals and tourists come to shop the retail stores, specialty boutiques, and cars for sale in Durham, among other things. Durham Volkswagen is just one of the many dealerships in the area with an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. Call (919) 493-7411 or visit 3823 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.